What Not to Do When Dog Grooming at Home Because of COVID-19

While we highly recommend using professional dog grooming services from a well-trained, experienced professional, you should also know what not to do when it’s not possible to see a professional groomer.

  • You should never use hygiene or beauty products that are intended for humans on your dog. This is especially important when it comes to toothpaste which can contain ingredients that are actually toxic to canines.
  • Do not clip your dog’s nails unless you are comfortable, have the proper tools, and know what you’re doing. When done improperly, nail trimming can cause a lot of pain, bleeding, and discomfort.
  • You should not attempt to use clippers or shave your dog’s fur if you are not completely comfortable and do not have proper training for your dog’s breed.
  • If your dog is matted, do not try to remove the mats in your dog’s coat with household scissors. If your dog is nervous or uncomfortable, they may move causing you to injure them with the scissors. Instead use a comb (or two), your fingers, and dog-safe conditioner to carefully and patiently try to work out the mats.
  • You should never use fragrance on your dog that is not approved for dogs as they may contain ingredients that are dangerous for your dog.
  • Do not bathe your dog outside in cool temperatures in order to prevent your dog’s body temperature from dropping to an unsafe level.

At Wash and Roll Mobile Dog Grooming in Zeeland, we know how important it is to you to take the best care of your dog possible. Which is why it’s important to combine home grooming with professional dog grooming services from Wash and Roll, especially when seeing your groomer is not possible. If you would like to request a future booking, do not hesitate filling out our online form and indicating in the comments that you would like to be contacted once we’re back open.