Wash and Roll Mobile Grooming Shares Three Common Dog Grooming Myths

There are several dog grooming myths that get passed around to pet owners. If dog grooming were purely a cosmetic need, these myths wouldn’t really be a big deal, but as many of you already know, having your pet groomed regularly is an important component in keeping them healthy overall. In this post, Wash and Roll Mobile Grooming will look at three myths that we have heard about dog grooming.

Completely non-shedding dog breeds

Every breed and type of dog will shed to some degree. While it’s true that some may shed a lot and some may only shed a little, none are “non-shedding.” Even within the same breed, the amount of shedding of each individual dog can vary by a lot. We would also like to note that shedding is not the only reason a dog should be groomed. Dogs that shed very little still need help maintaining their coats and skin in order to keep them healthy.

Dogs don’t need to be bathed regularly

In general, most dogs are not bathed often enough. You should consult with your mobile dog groomer or veterinarian to determine how often your dog should be bathed based on their breed, skin condition, environment, and lifestyle.

People shampoo works for your dog

It shouldn’t be surprising that the skin of a dog is different than that of a person. The two main differences are that human skin is more acidic that dog skin and human skin has sweat glands all over while dog skin only has them on the pads of their feet. These differences make using shampoo that is intended for dogs extremely important. It’s also a good idea to consult with your mobile groomer to see what shampoo is best for your dog.