Most Grooming Should Be Left to Your Mobile Dog Grooming Professional

While it’s important to brush and shampoo your dog in between appointments, most grooming should be left to mobile dog grooming professionals.


While it’s generally okay to trim parts of your pet’s coat in between mobile grooming appointments, you should only do so if you’re completely comfortable. It’s important to note that there can be more than meets the eye. Professional groomers are trained, experienced, and have the proper equipment that will ensure your dog will be safe and looking great after their haircut.


Regular brushing will help keep your dog’s coat from matting, but for some breeds it can be very hard to avoid. If you do notice a mat forming, you may be able to brush it out as long as it’s not tight to the skin. You’re likely to cut or injure your dog if you try to remove mats with scissors. This is due in part because mats generally develop in areas where skin folds are not apparent and a sudden movement from your dog can cause injury no matter how careful you’re being.

Anal glands

Expressing anal glands is not something a lot of pet owners are willing to do (for obvious reasons). In many cases a professional groomer can identify whether there is a problem and let you know if it’s something that they can take care of or let you know that you should see a veterinarian. At Wash and Roll Mobile Grooming anal glands are expressed by request only. In some rare cases we may express the glands if during the bathing process we find the glands overly swollen. If your dog does not show issues with their glands as in licking, chewing, or scooting, we feel it is healthier to let them extract their glands naturally.