Mobile Dog Grooming is a Commitment

Do you get your dog shaved once a year?

Do you wait until your dog is wooly and in rough shape to call the groomer?

Are you just passing through town or on vacation and wanted to get your dog groomed?

If so, mobile dog grooming may not be the best pet grooming option for you.

Mobile grooming is geared towards those who are committed to keeping their dog on a regular grooming schedule to keep their dog’s coat in a healthy, manageable condition. Mobile dog grooming is a personalized service in which I wish to build a relationship with you and your pet that lasts for many years.

My goal is to keep each pet I groom feeling fresh, safe, and loved in a stress free environment.  If I groom a pet only once a year, I am not able to build a trusting long term relationship where they know me and understand what I am doing and feel comfortable with my touch. If I groom your pet only when they are matted and in rough shape, then it’s not a very comfortable experience for them and they will not enjoy me tugging or pulling to try to remove any matting.

With mobile dog grooming you have a choice of every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks with 8 weeks being the maximum between grooming appointments. If I find that at 8 weeks your dog is not in the best shape, then it will be best to decrease the length of time between dog grooming appointments until we are able to keep them at a manageable length of time between appointments.

If your dog is nervous, fearful, or anxious, mobile grooming can be helpful to them. It’s just me and your pet with no other dogs or stressful influences in the environment. The grooming time isn’t as long in a dog grooming shop as they are groomed from start to finish without interruption or other pets being groomed ahead of them.

If you are ready to make that commitment and build a long lasting relationship, please contact me as I would love to be your mobile dog groomer!