Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Grooming Salon

See below for some of the most commonly asked questions about our mobile grooming salon! If you have further questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us online and we will get back with you as soon as possible. We attempt to reply to all calls and emails within 24 hours.

Mobile grooming is just like having a full service grooming salon parked outside your home. Our van is fully self-contained with a height-adjustable grooming table, stainless steel tub, hot and cold water, and climate controlled with air conditioning and a furnace. We do not need to plug in to your home or need access to water. There is a generator on board as well as a 50 gallon fresh water tank.

For the very first appointment we do require someone to be home so we can meet the pet and let them become familiar with us. We also like to meet the pet parent so we can ask or answer any grooming questions. After the first visit it is not necessary for someone to be home. For future appointments you can leave a key, door code or garage code. We will make sure your pet is securely back in your home and will lock up when we leave.

It is recommended to have your pet groomed every 6-8 weeks or sooner to help keep the coat in good condition and help your dog become familiar with the grooming routine. Consistency will help your pet be more comfortable with us and also for us to be familiar with your pet.

No. There or no kennels or cage dryers in the van at all. Your pet is dried by hand with a hi-velocity dryer.

Prices are based on size, temperament, coat condition, frequency, as well as your location. Mobile grooming on average will cost $20-25 higher than a grooming salon. Mobile is a one-on-one personalized service where we travel to you. Mobile helps reduce stress in your pet by avoiding car rides and lengthy waiting time sitting in a kennel at a grooming salon. Your pet is the only pet being groomed without interruptions or any other pets in the area. For an estimate, please feel free to contact us.

Anal glands are expressed by request only. In some rare cases we may express the glands if during the bathing process we find the glands overly swollen. If your dog does not show issues with their glands as in licking, chewing, or scooting, we feel it is healthier to let them extract their glands naturally.