Terms and Conditions for Wash and Roll Mobile Grooming

Prior to any grooming services being performed, we ask that you review our terms and conditions, print the PDF, and complete and sign at the bottom. Thank you!

Policy Agreement

Please fill out and sign our new client information and policy agreement form.

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Terms & Conditions

Appointment Times

When making a grooming appointment, you will be given an “Estimated Arrival Time.” We will make every effort to arrive during that time frame. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to interruptions and delays: refueling, traffic, weather and other situations that may arise out of our control. During the arrival time period, it is your responsibility to have the pet available for grooming and as well as allowing the pet to have taken a “potty break” before we arrive and before grooming begins to help minimize delays. If we will be more than 15 minutes early or late, we will make every effort to contact you. On rare occasions, we may need to cancel your appointment due to equipment failure, weather, illness, etc.

Cancellations/Missed Appointment

We will give a “Courtesy Reminder” text or call within 24-72 hours prior to the grooming appointment, however it is the client’s responsibility to keep track of their scheduled appointments and make every effort to contact us if an appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled. If for some reason, you must cancel your appointment or need to reschedule, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible by text or voicemail at (616)901-1213 or at least 48 hours before scheduled appointment time. This will allow us time to refill the slot as well as possibly needing to reroute the day. Failure to contact us 48 hours prior to the appointment time will result in a fee of 50% of the normal grooming charge. The fee may be waived dependent on the circumstances. Also, if we are unable to access your pet for grooming, as in your pet is not willing to leave the home or the pet is not able to be located, the cancellation fee of 50% of the normal grooming charge will be due.

  • Trip Charge –  First time clients, if for some reason the pet is not able to be groomed, as it is aggressive, does not tolerate grooming well or we are not able to work with the pet, there will be a $25 trip charge due at time of service.
  • Multiple Pets– Clients who have multiple pets and decide not to groom one or more of their pets during their scheduled grooming appointment time and do not give a minimum 48 hour cancelation notice, will be responsible for the missed appointment fee.

Payment Info

Payment is due at time of service. We accept cash, check, or credit card. There will be a fee of $25 for any returned checks due to non-sufficient funds.

Pre-Existing Conditions

It is our goal to take special care with each and every pet we groom. Some pets may have pre-existing conditions that we may not be made aware of. Grooming can be stressful and may expose a hidden condition. This can occur during or after grooming and may require immediate medical attention. If a situation should arise during grooming, we will stop the grooming process immediately and make every effort to contact you. In the event that you are unable to be reached, we may need to contact the nearest vet and seek medical attention at the client’s expense.

Senior Pets

When grooming senior pets and pets with health conditions, we will make every effort to keep the pet comfortable and safe and limit handling them in any way that may exacerbate any medical conditions. Standing for long periods of time may be difficult for the pet. These pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort to lessen the stress.

Photo Release

We may take photos of your pet before, during or after grooming. These photos may be utilized for social media, website, or advertising purposes.


Wash and Roll will retain only the necessary information needed to complete a grooming appointment. Any information that is shared with us will not be made available, sold, or used for solicitation to any other person under any circumstances.